Why Hire a Public Adjuster

Why Hire a Public Adjuster

Every property owner has the potential to face an insurance nightmare!

When a property owner suffers a serious but partial loss of contents and structure, the services of a competent Public Adjuster is almost mandatory for you to get a fair and full settlement. It is the partial loss that is so very difficult to establish, manage, and present to the insurance company and finalize.

Burden of Proof?

Your policy places the BURDEN OF PROOF in documenting and proving your claim ON YOUR SHOULDERS. Your insurance company is there to help you when you experience a loss, but it’s up to you to effectively document that for them. This is where a public insurance adjuster excels.

Why shouldn’t I wait to get an offer from the insurance company before retaining a Public Adjuster?

At the onset, the insurance company makes a dollar evaluation of your loss at he time they first inspect it. Unless some agreements are made initially regarding the scope of loss and what is to be done next (such as temporary repairs, temporary business or living quarters, cleaners, etc.), serious problems could arise that may jeopardize the final settlement figures.

To avoid misunderstandings, long delays and reduced settlement figures, it is wise to hire a professional Insurance Adjuster to deal with these possible problems before they occur.

Experience Counts!

Consider the business you are in and the other professionals you work with. When you need office supplies, repairs, or accounting services you have preferred suppliers you use. Public adjusters are no different, in that they have established relationships with other professionals that aid them in your claim. Your insurance company may have connections with contractors that have been made on a corporate level, but a public insurance adjuster will have established relationships with local contractors on a personal level. You will benefit from the connections your public adjuster has cultivated throughout his/her career when you’re in your time of need.

A Public Adjuster works with the following professionals:

  • Engineers
  • Environmental Experts
  • Carpet restoration companies
  • Board-up companies
  • Restoration companies
  • Restoration dry cleaners
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Furniture and storage, etc.
  • Mobile home companies
  • Accounting services for commercial business interruption claims
  • Licensed restoration contractors to prepare itemized detailed scopes of your building damages
  • Inventory experts who prepare the Personal or Business inventory to present. This includes aging, appropriate pricing, and recreations of contents if damaged beyond recognition