Vandalism may be covered, but the details can be hard to navigate

When you experience a loss or damage due to vandalism, you should know that most homeowner and business insurance policies do protect you, however, the fine print may be a bit tricky to understand. You will expect the insurance company to pay for all the repairs which are needed to put your property back to its pre-damaged condition, but in order to make this happen, you have to be sure you file the proper paperwork, police reports, etc.

We will work as your advocates to ensure that you claim is organized properly and that all necessary steps are taken so that you don’t face unwanted delays, or even worse, a denial of claim.

Vandalism can take several different forms. The first is structural. Usually when someone breaks in to a property, there will some kind of structural damage. For example, a door might have been kicked in or otherwise damaged. Typically, there may be a broken window or two, either as a way into the home or committed after entry has been secured. Other forms are more cosmetic and include things like graffiti or damage to paint, siding or facia. There may be interior damage as well such as things strewn all over the floor, walls, or other types of inner damage.

Vandalism is the action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property. We will assist in the accurate preparation of the police report.

Whatever damage has occurred, we will work to help you recover the maximum amount of coverage available to you to help you cover not only the property damage, but the loss of income as a result of the damage.

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