Theft / Robbery

Theft / Robbery

Theft can be overwhelming to cope with. We help you recover after robbery

If you have experienced the theft of items from your home or business, it can be both frustrating and frightening. We can help ensure that your claim will be upheld by the insurance company, however, it is important that you immediately (as soon as you realize that you have been the victim of such a crime) call the police. Make sure that you have a complete list of which items have been taken and any details you can remember about the event.

We will work with you through the claim process to insure that you not only receive the amount necessary for the loss, but also for any auxiliary costs which may occur in the process.

We can help you arrange for temporary (and then permanent) repairs if there have been any damages to your house which require immediate attention, such as a broken door or window. We will also guide you every step of the way in terms of reporting the claim to your insurance company and even putting together a list of everything which was stolen and damaged in the process, along with any needed supporting documentation.

The main things to remember is to call the police immediately and make written notes of everything you can remember. Memories will fade even after just 24 hours. Put together lists of any damaged or missing items along with any receipts, warranties, and associated paperwork. These are excellent supporting documents that can be used to make your claim go smoothly.

Additional considerations concerning Theft

• Allow Emergency Services to assist you with the complete list of items to be recovered.

• Receipts and original documentation are imperative to assist with your settlement.

• Allow Emergency Services to assist with the protection of your property.

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