Flood Damage

Flood Damage

Dealing with a flood can be harrowing

Water damage caused by floods can be one of the most frustrating things you, as a homeowner, will ever experience. If this has happened to you, you need professional help as soon as possible to not only work on the damaged areas, but to assess the damage completely so that you can file your claim properly. Do not compound the problem by taking the do-it-yourself approach and possibly choosing an inexperienced team which may actually make things worse and delay or even disqualify your claim. We will work with you from inspection to repair so that you are back to normal quickly.

You need a company with experience in dealing with flood related disasters, especially if you are in an area where flooding is common. If emergency mitigation is required, we can ensure qualified companies are available for you.

Removing the water is only half the battle. You will also need to insure that all measures are taken to inhibit the growth of mold which often can occur long after the clean up process.

Call us today so that we can make sure your claim is filed properly and your property restored to its original beauty quickly.

Water damage and flood damage are often thought of as the same event or peril. In fact, they can be completely different with one being covered and one excluded under common insurance policies. Call us for assistance with the best possible outcome.

Client Experience

This loss was a Sandy victim. The couple lived in a high risk water zone. They had a small home which flooded with water. As a result of the stress the homeowner suffered a heart attack.

The home was left unattended for weeks while he was in the hospital and his wife was in a hotel. Emergency Services Company was then retained to assist with the loss. By the time the Emergency Services Company came into the picture the home was infested with mold.

This was a major issue because the home sat unattended for weeks and was left to deteriorate. As a policyholder you are required to preserve and protect the property from further damage. Emergency Services was able to settle the claim and receive enough funds to gut the home and rebuild as new.

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