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Fire Damage

Fire damage to your property is a traumatic and often heartbreaking situation. In many cases, there is little to salvage and the areas which have been burned will require complete removal. This includes burned or charred furniture, wood and drywall, carpeting and flooring. The sad reality is that these items are almost never salvageable. However, it is essential that your property is cleaned, removed and repaired properly and to your complete satisfaction.

Even in small fire the damage may extend beyond the items which were directly affected by the fire. The heat of the fire may have also resulted in damage to electrical wiring, plumbing and other fixtures, even the roof and other drywall. It is vital to have a professional examine all of these areas so they can be included in any claim and do not become a nightmare later on.

Smoke and the extinguishing process may also be responsible for some damage. The smell of smoke can often after a fire for a long time, resting and hiding in carpeting, drywall and other porous materials. The extinguishing process itself may also necessitate water extraction and drying procedures to restore your property.

We are here to help and make sure that this clean up process is handled completely and professionally.

When faced with an event like a fire, important legal documents may also be lost, causing the homeowner additional stress. Rest assured, these documents can be recovered and we will help you through the process so that your claim can be filed quickly.

Additional considerations concerning fire damage

• You may need a place to stay while repairs are being made
• Temporary storage may be required for your valuables
• Items you need to prove you owned may be difficult to identify

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