Insurance Adjuster Queens NY

When it’s time to file an insurance claim, there are many things that can get in the way of the claim being paid promptly or even being paid at all. Because there are so many variables that can affect how and when an insurance company pays, hiring a public insurance adjuster in Queens, NY can make all the difference for a home or business owner.

Why do some insurance claims get paid, while other don’t?

This is a critical question. The paperwork for filing an insurance claim can be very complicated. In addition, for the lay person who is not part of the insurance industry, the process itself can be quite confusing, so when they file their claim, they are navigating in unfamiliar waters. They may not understand all of the information that has to be provided to the insurance company or when deadlines for filing may be. In addition, they may not provide enough information or even the correct information.

Unfortunately, the smallest piece of missing or incorrect information can make the difference between a claim being paid or not. However, a professional public adjuster, who is an authority on loss adjustment, can navigate the insurance claims process with ease and ensure that their clients get full benefit under their insurance policy.

What is a public insurance adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster in Queens, NY can offer clients the expertise and knowledge needed to get a claim filed promptly and paid as quickly as possible.

A public insurance adjuster:

• Works for the insured, not the insurance company
• Has to be certified by the state and bonded
• Is with you through not only the claim process, but also the inspection and restoration stages
• Knows how the insurance industry works and how to get claims paid

The most important thing that a public insurance adjuster provides their clients is insider knowledge of the insurance industry while being an advocate for the insured rather than the insurance company. This is critical. The adjuster works for the insured.

Why should I hire a public insurance adjuster?

Hiring a public insurance adjuster can save time and money. Because the insurance adjuster is familiar with the processes and an expert at getting claims paid in a timely manner, they save their clients the hassle of trying to process their own insurance claim and help them to secure the maximum payment on their loss. Ultimately, using a professional to file your claim can mean you save time and money, but more importantly, stress and uncertainty.

The job of the adjuster is to be an advocate for the insured and when you are filing a claim against your homeowner’s insurance, you want to be able to get to work on repairs as quickly as possible. A public insurance adjuster can help ensure that this happens.

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