Insurance Adjuster Long Island

Filing an insurance claim is not an easy process. From the first contact most people have with their insurance company, they discover that the process is almost always complicated and that the paperwork can be confusing at best. In fact, the process can be so daunting that many people never get their claim paid or they get a reduced payment that clearly isn’t the full amount they thought they were entitled to based on their insurance coverage. Because of these and other claim filing nightmares, hiring a public insurance adjuster on Long Island will be one of the best decisions you can make when you need to file a claim.

Why use a public insurance adjuster?

The main reason to hire a public insurance adjuster if you have to file an insurance claim is that they really are the only person who will be advocating for YOU, the policy holder, during the claims process. People are actually surprised to learn that the insurance adjusters for the insurance company are not working for the insured to get their claim paid to the maximum amount under the policy. Their interests ultimately are for the insurance company.

A public insurance adjuster:

• Works for the insured
• Is your advocate
• Is experienced, licensed and bonded by your state department of insurance
• Knows the ins and outs of the insurance industry
• Helps you every step of the way from inspection, to claim, to restoration
• Saves you time and money

Because of all of these things, the insurance adjuster can actually mean the difference between the claim getting paid or denied.

What does an adjuster do?

The public insurance adjuster on Long Island, or any other county in New York, does the work for you and helps you to better understand the process. They do everything from completing the paperwork to proving the claim. They help you organize everything that has to be provided to the insurance company to make sure the maximum amount is paid under the policy. But, most importantly, they take the stress off of you.

In essence, they take the guess work out of filing an insurance claim. For most people who are not insurance insiders, the claim process is a bit of a mystery. Why do some claims get paid and other denied? The adjuster working for the insured knows why and has the experience and knowledge that most people don’t, which helps to get the claim paid.

Hiring a public insurance adjuster is an excellent idea if you need to file an insurance claim. With their knowledge and experience, they make the process easier and save people time and money. More importantly though, they are truly an advocate for the insured and can make all the difference in the claims process.

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