About Us

About Us

Experienced in settling your property loss.

We offer insurance claim adjusting to commercial businesses and homeowners and can aid in the preparation and negotiation of the settlement of your claim. We create your estimate of damages, handle the adjustment process, and deal with the insurance company. We represent you in your most urgent time of need, through every step of the claims process. We will file your paperwork, arrange the inspection of your damage, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Our offices are located in Valley Stream, NY but we have handled claims in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Upper New York State Region, Nassau County and Suffolk County. We are licensed to handle any claim within the state of New York.

About Lucy Viggiano

Lucy Viggiano has been a Licensed Public Adjuster for over 24 years and have seen both the good and bad side of insurance claims. It is a common occurrence in this business to see individuals and businesses lose everything and travel the long road back to their lives prior to this loss. For this reason, she personally takes responsibility in helping to restore and often improve her clients lives beyond what it was.

If I can make one recommendation to anyone who has suffered property damage or loss is to avoid trying the DO IT YOURSELF approach. Over time I have met with countless people whose personalities fell into the “I’ll do it myself and save money category.” These people were advised to retain experts to help them. Yet, they chose to “do it themselves.” When the dust finally settled, rarely did the “do it themself-ers” save money because of the enormous amounts of time they lost while learning the insurance claim process and having to do it over again until they got it right. Working with a qualified Public Adjuster can mean the difference from your claim being denied or paid.

Lucy Viggiano works closely with each of her clients to assess the damage to their home or business whether from storm damage, vandalism, fire, flood or theft. In her years of experience as an insurance adjuster she knows that no two claims are ever alike and each must be considered thoroughly and prepared properly so that clients can receive the most benefit from their insurance claim.

Lucy Viggiano offers individualized attention not often available with larger companies and getting to know her clients personally so that she can support them through the insurance claim process and help them rebuild their lives. It is this individualized attention that often makes the difference in getting insurance claims approved quickly.